Age, time, and special circumstances wear on our teeth in visible ways. If left untreated, decay can rot a tooth so that it is neither functional nor attractive, and it must be removed. In other circumstances, trauma may split or otherwise irreparably damage a tooth, making extraction necessary.

Outside of necessity, many people opt to have their third molars, or wisdom teeth, removed during teen or early adult years. Wisdom tooth extraction can reduce the risk for crowding, as well as decay and disease on the teeth, which can be hard to keep clean. Sometimes Dr. Hall may remove a loose tooth in a child’s mouth so that the socket and gums remain sanitary and less likely to create potential complications.

Other Circumstances for Extractions

  • Periodontal Disease – sometimes a tooth may need to be removed because of gum infection Periodontitis, advanced gum disease, can severely damage gum and bone tissue, leaving teeth loose and painful.
  • Crowded Teeth – when preparing for braces or other orthodontic treatments, a dentist may remove one or more teeth to alleviate crowding. Crowded teeth can also impede the proper emergence of secondary teeth in children.
  • Traumatic Tooth Injuries – severe trauma to the tooth, such as a deep fracture or crack, can prompt the need for extraction. Normally, extraction in these circumstances is necessary if the tooth is broken or the tooth’s nerve is damaged.


After an extraction, Dr. Hall instructs patients on the proper measures to take during recovery. Although extractions aren’t especially invasive, it is important to take special care of the extraction site so that you can heal quickly. For example, you will want to avoid brushing your teeth near the extraction site. Smoking and using a straw should be avoided, as well. We encourage patients to eat soft foods and rinse their mouths with a salt-water solution at least once a day after an extraction. Dr. Hall is qualified, experienced, and available to perform dental extractions when necessary. He also offers second opinions to patients trying to decide whether extraction is the best solution.

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