Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes referred to as full-mouth rehabilitation or full-mouth restoration, this treatment involves multiple procedures that improve the functionality and esthetic appearance of the teeth and mouth.

Reasons for Full-Mouth Reconstruction

  • Loss of teeth from traumatic injury or extensive decay
  • Fractured teeth where the nerve has been exposed and/or damaged
  • Worn down teeth as a result of bruxism, enamel loss, or erosion of the tooth structure from prolonged exposure to acid
  • Long-term pain in the jaw and facial muscles
  • Faulty dental work
  • Poor dental health, such as extensive gum disease

Procedures Used in Full-Mouth Reconstruction

During your exam, four areas of your mouth and teeth will be examined by Dr. Hall and our team: teeth, gums, bite, and the overall appearance of your smile. Full-mouth restoration often involves multiple procedures in each of these areas.

For example, a patient may need occlusion correction, dental implants, veneers, bonding and contouring, teeth whitening, and gum lifting. The overall appearance of your smile is important to the results of full-mouth reconstruction. Our team may correct jagged or misshapen teeth to create a more uniform smile. Dr. Hall's ultimate goal is to improve your health and overall appearance. Better health and self-confidence means better quality of life!

Dr. Hall is capable and experienced with restoring smiles in the Black Diamond areas. Over the course of his career, he has provided many patients with comprehensive reconstruction of the teeth and gums.

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