Gum Lift

Gum Lift

Many patients are self-conscious about their “gummy” smiles. Most people find smiles attractive when there is a proportionate ratio of gums and teeth. The purpose of gum tissue is to securely hold teeth in place. When teeth appear smaller than they should, gum tissue may be covering more of the tooth than is necessary. The teeth may not be short; the gum may be long.

Excessive gum tissue can be caused by orthodontic treatment, genetics, or changes in hormone levels. Gum contouring, or a gum lift, improves symmetry.

Gum Reduction Procedure

For optimal patient comfort, Dr. Chin uses a soft tissue laser for gum procedures. Before lasers, gum surgery required scalpel, stitches, and packing the surgical site with cotton. The bandages had to be changed regularly as gum tissue healed. Many people found the procedure to be highly uncomfortable. Laser technology has revolutionized gum surgery.

Today, a dental laser precisely removes gum tissue without use of a scalpel. No stitches are required, either, since the laser seals as it moves along the gums. Because of this, most patients experience little or no bleeding, and they heal very quickly.

If you’d like to learn about a laser gum lift, schedule a consultation. Dr. Chin will help you determine the best procedures for improving your smile. Photos of your teeth and gums will be taken, as well as measurements of the gum tissue. Gum contouring and smile enhancement is not a one-size-fits-all procedure; in fact, cosmetic dentistry requires personalized service and completely custom treatment planning.

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