Office Technology

Diamond Valley Dental Clinic values the role that technology plays in the oral health of our patients. Dr. Hall has invested time to find and incorporate technology that promotes patient comfort, accurate diagnoses, and optimal clinical outcomes.

Digital Patient Records

Quick access to your digital records will make your visits more efficient.  In addition, digital records are easy to email to specialists and insurance companies.


Rest assured, we respect patient privacy and your records are safe in our hands.

Digital Photography

We use a digital camera to record images of oral structures and before-and-after photos.


We will share your digital photos with you during your examine for a clear picture for you and Dr. Hall.


Our office is designed for exceptional patient comfort and we think you’ll enjoy the relaxed and refreshing environment that we’ve created for you. We aim for a classic welcoming feeling, while still housing the latest modern technology.

A member of our team is here to speak to you at your convenience, answer your questions, and schedule your next appointment.