Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

Rising in popularity and a favourite dental treatment among Hollywood’s elite, dental crowns and porcelain veneers can correct some of the most challenging smile problems. For patients seeking a full-smile makeover, porcelain veneers offer a one-procedure solution. Veneers are handmade, wafer-thin shells permanently bonded over the outer surface of your natural teeth. Crowns and veneers can correct gaps, crooked teeth, jagged edges, permanent stains, and tooth wear.

Improve your Smile with Crowns or Porcelain Veneers

Initially, you will come to our office for a consultation. We will explain the procedure in detail and answer all of your questions. If we believe you would benefit from a dental crown or porcelain veneers, we'll work with you to develop a custom design that suits your smile.

At the first clinical appointment, we will prepare your teeth and take impressions.  A dental ceramist crafts your porcelain veneers or crowns using these custom molds and the design specifications that your dentist created at your appointment.  You’ll wear temporary restorations until the final restorations are delivered to our office.

You’ll return to our office for permanent placement of your final restorations.  After removing the temporaries, the permanent crown or veneers will be bonded in place.  You’ll leave this appointment with your stunning new smile!

Crowns and veneers are durable and can endure the crushing pressure of biting and chewing, as well as the temperature fluctuations of hot and cold foods.  To care for these restorations, clean them as you do your natural teeth. Brush and floss daily, then visit us for six-month checkups and cleanings. With proper care, crowns and veneers can enhance a smile for years to come!

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